Our pledge drive is our school year kickoff fundraiser. Our school has managed to be the best, but being the best and staying the best are two different things. That's where Friends of Keller can help. By mitigating the effect of budget cuts while actively and simultaneously funding school needs, we can alleviate the effect of something that should never interfere with the quality of education: money.

One hundred percent of funds raised go directly back to the school and the students. ​Friends of Keller believes in transparency. Here are just some of the items we aim to fund for the school year.

Define Learning Curriculum

Chromebooks and rack

We're focusing on participation over dollars this year. We want 100% participation to make this work! A high participation level is our primary way of showing potential corporate sponsors that we have a highly motivated parent network.  

In a city where nearby private school tuition is more than $10,800 per year, this Pledge Drive is asking you, your parents, your cousins, your best friends, your rich aunt, your not-so-rich uncle, your Insta-famous dog, and anyone or anything else to help fund the best elementary school in Illinois. Can you make that commitment to our kids’ education? 

Special sponsorship opportunities are available for companies who wish to fund our Chromebooks, smart panels, and digital marquee! Email us at for more info.

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